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Latest News

June 2018: London, UK

As guest speaker at WEW Global Conference in London on 23rd June 2018 I talk about the benefits of understanding “creativity” as part of life, interwoven with my own life stories. (Inspirational story to help women take positive action)“How we create our path” – an interactive self-exploration

Women Elevating Women June 2018 Conference
23rd June, 2018
10 am – 6 pm
Crown Plaza Hotel, Blackfriars

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Latest Article

Have you ever made the experience of living without the internet for some weeks? Finding bars, cafés or public places with internet, sitting either under a protecting roof when it is raining and stormy outside, getting wet and trying to protect your devices? Or drinking coffee all morning in a local café, just to be in contact with the world virtually and physically? – I have.

My virtual existence expands – via the internet – and my need for physical human contact remains. I enjoy being with fellow travelers in a café. Most of the time they are much younger than myself.

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