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Great that you have found me in the midst of the internet jungle.

You may be on my site,  because you are wondering what your purpose in life is, what direction to take, or how to change an important part in your life.

Do you want to make your spiritual practises part of your daily routine, or begin with a spiritual practise altogether?

Do you want to tap into your creative resources and express yourself more creatively?

Well, whatever your wish and need may be, you found me, and I am here to guide and support you.

Reach out to me if you wish for a private session, in German, English or French. It is all for you.

With warm regards, Gunhild

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June 2018: London, UK

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Have you ever made the experience of living without the internet for some weeks? Finding bars, cafés or public places with internet, sitting either under a protecting roof when it is raining and stormy outside, getting wet and trying to protect your devices? Or drinking coffee all morning in a local café, just to be in contact with the world virtually and physically? – I have.

My virtual existence expands – via the internet – and my need for physical human contact remains. I enjoy being with fellow travelers in a café. Most of the time they are much younger than myself.

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