Hello and Welcome!

Great that you have found me in the midst of the internet jungle.

You may be on my site,  because you are wondering what your purpose is, what direction to take, how to overcome dark moments, and you need guidance and support.

You may be on my site, because you want to make your spiritual practices part of a daily routine, or begin with a spiritual practice altogether?

You may be here, because you want to tap into your creative resources and express yourself more creatively?

Well, whatever your wish and need may be, you’ve found me, and I am here to guide and support you.

Reach out to me if you wish for a private session, in German, English or French. It is all for you.

Or you book an INTENSIVE DAY with me. We will spend an entire day together, looking at your life and your desires, find new avenues and solutions. Intensive days include meditation and Qi Gong.

With warm regards, Gunhild