Being Creative is not an option …

When I am not writing nor painting, drawing, dancing nor singing, nor have visions for new projects, I feel down. I feel grey and estranged from myself and the world. This is not a nice feeling to say the least. If I haven’t done anything creative for days or even weeks, nor have I had direct contact with nature, I wake up in the morning and feel depleted. I lose purpose and meaning. Expressing myself creatively is directly linked to my well-being. And I am not the only one. What about you?

Let me tell you in a very compressed way of a 4-month process with my client Clara (not her real name), who contacted me, because she felt depressed and anxious and could not do anything productive in her life. She felt mentally paralysed and suffered from a feeling of detachment from herself, her family and friends. Her professional engagement was dangerously neglected. When she shared with me how she felt, I asked her: “Have you been creative lately?” 

She looked at me in astonishment. “No! I felt too depressed.” Now, what is the egg and what is the chicken? The answer is irrelevant. That’s why Clara and I started to develop a plan, and a strategy for installing something creative into her daily routine. Clara suggested “running”, even though overcoming the inertia was not easy. But she wanted desperately to get better and therefor committed to running just 5 minutes per day. I call running a creative activity for Clara. She created a routine for re-establishing a zest for life again. The moment Clara only imagined feeling the air in her face, moving her body through time and space and shut down her mental rut, her mood lifted. When Clara runs, her life force comes back. There are biological explanations for that, but I don’t want to go there now. Supporting Clara twice per week, she began to run regularly, she ran her dull thoughts away, and make space for more creative ideas in her work. After a short period of time Clara ran twice per week for 20 minutes, which made a huge difference to her life. Not only changed it her thoughts, Clara also started to write again, she felt inspired to play with her children, engaged with her friends, and was productive in her work.

Why do we feel depressed, grey or down when we do not take the time to be creative? You know from my other blog posts that I see creativity not only as life affirming but more over as the source of life itself. We are created, we are creation and thus creative beings. We need to invent, to decorate, and find beauty in life. We can also create something with our body, running for example, dancing, or walking in nature; we can touch trees or listen to the sound of a stream. Nature in the first place connects us with our innate sense of creation.  

Being creative is essential for our survival, as an individual, and as a species. 

As a species we seem to have gone into depression globally. We have become destructive even to the detriment of being on the verge of extinguishing life on this planet. The planet itself is creative enough to reconstruct life forms if necessary. But we will not, once we have gone down all the way. 

Creativity is required to solve essential problems, like climate change, pollution, and an equal distribution of goods. We are all demanded to be creative here, we are all in the same boat together. Let’s get our ideas out and share them wherever we can. We need to be creative if we want to survive.

Look at what we have already created, i.e. the wheel, bridges, cities, cars, art work, music, movements ….. the entire Universe as we understand it today. And we are still creating. A lot of invention have come in the form of dreams, or in moments of trance, and at times when we are not stuck in thinking and thinking and thinking. If we are too much in the head, we get a head-ache. 

As individuals, we urge for meaning and a sense of belonging. In order to get there, we have to express ourselves with our senses, our feelings, we need to live in harmony with our intuition and embrace our visions. It is not a question of showing off and get applause, no, it is vital that we experience ourselves. How other can we get a glimpse of what and who we are in this time and space conundrum? What else can we do to connect with ourselves fully and experience our physical, mental and spiritual existence? 

When I express myself, I feel alive. My ways of expressing – as you know – are artistic in nature. I am not an engineer, economic, scientist or lawyer. My senses are fine tuned to perceive and express beauty in the broadest sense of its meaning. 

You may need planning, constructing, cooking, walking, running, swimming, contemplating, composing, singing, playing an instrument, visiting an exhibition, listening to concerts, eating a creatively prepared meal, or you invent online courses, write blogs, guide people on tours through Egypt, create groups, share your wisdom in public, write books, build communities, bring up children, explore new continents, dig in the earth, plant flowers … and so much more.

Being creative is essential for our personal well-being. I felt depleted lately, because I did not take the time to be creative. I neither wrote nor painted, neither meditated much, nor sung a song. I let myself drown in life’s circumstances. I felt overwhelmed, because I did not take care of myself creatively. My 92-year-old mother is in the fore of my mind, and I drive thousands of kilometres to spend time with her. Even though, I am planning and thinking during the long hours on the road, I did not put those ideas into practice. They got stuck in my head. 

I have also adopted a rescue puppy. As lovely as he is, he consumes a lot of my time and creative-energy. Fortunately, my puppy requires walks in nature. Breathing fresh air, feeling the wind in my face and listen to the sound of the ocean supports me stay on track.

Another of my clients, Cécile (not her real name), comes to mind. Cécile felt anxious, when she contacted me, and had not left her house for weeks. Her family-life was suffering, her online work got critical, because Cécile had lost interest in everything. It took several sessions to find out what was really going on, Cécile understood that she did not leave her house nor paint (something that gives her life force), because she got stuck in a daily rut of thinking. She got more anxious by the day, because she did not do anything playful nor stimulating for her senses. Together we made a plan for her to take baby steps in becoming creative again. The first step to regain her forces were contemplating fine art in her many art books. The next step was getting out of the house, taking transport and visiting art exhibitions. I shorten the process and tell you that today Cécile makes time to draw again; she takes walks, even travels and thus feels so much better in her skin. When spring started, she could go back into her garden, put her hands in the soil and reconnect with the earth. Touching the soil is a grounding tool not just for Cécile, but for many of us. She felt being part of life and thus alive again. 

What do YOU need to feel alive? 

Think back at times when you did not express yourself in your unique creative way, how did you feel then? You never made the connection? Do it now. Remember times when you felt grey, small, insignificant or useless. Did you try to resolve it through thinking? That does not work. We need to be creative and bring our thoughts to creation. It seems that a lot of us have lost the sense of play and fun, which is needed to be creative.

What are your individual outlets, expressions, contemplations for experiencing contact with yourself, what gets you back into the flow, what makes you feel that you belong? 

We all regain vitality and experience BEING, when we create. We feel contented being in unity with ourselves and with all there is. In creating we are. Yogis and monks, who go away from the society and sit in caves, use solitude to be in contact with themselves and all there is. It is not a way for most of us, at least not for me, I need solitude at times, but also contact with people, and I need to explore life with all of my senses. 

Creativity is not an option; it is a requisite for survival.

We create our life inhaling and we create our being exhaling. Think about it, and don’t forget to breathe.

If you don’t know where to start, take pen and paper and doodle. 

Watch my video about doodling “Creative Doodling” on my Facebook page ‘Gunhild Lorenzen – body, art & soul’.

Write a haiku. You can find my video on “haiku” on that page as well. 

And here, on my wensite, you can sign up for e free Ebook:

“5 Powerful Tools to deepen and enhance your creative potential”.

Carrying them out will definitely inspire you. 

If you are still lacking ideas, get in contact with me. Email me to

As soon as I take out my paper and put my pencil on it, my mood changes. Try it yourself. Writing this Blog post made me feel good. So, thank you for reading.

We are creative beings and need to live it in whatever form or colour. 

Be creative. 

Warmly, Gunhild

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