Who Am I? 

I am poet, creator, I am spirit and light. I am Gunhild, 68 years old, mother, grandmother, daughter, lover, friend, life guide, artist, priestess and teacher.

I traveled to worlds deep inside me and visited distant galaxies with Shamans and Spirit Guides.

I traveled on our beautiful planet to visit my children, grandchildren and friends in SingaporeAustralia, Europe, North Africa, New Zealand, Canada and USA.


Who Am I? 

I am an elder, and I  am  a  flying  star! 

I am the panther – guiding you through the dark, through underworlds and deaths of the psyche.

I am Earth, solid and strong – I am here to show you how to stay grounded during personal earthquakes.


I hold a Master’s degree in Cultural and Media Studies, and I give workshops all over the world on Creativity, Spirituality and Dreams.

I am a certified Gestalt and Art Therapist, and also certified in Transpersonal Psychotherapy.

In my function as psychotherapist I assisted people for more than 25 years on their difficult life journeys and through deep waters.

Sitting in silence, drawing and painting, exercising Tai Chi Qi Gong and walking in nature are part of my routine and give me a sense of purpose and belonging.

I am a woman and as such a link in a long chain of natural healers, white witches and wise women.


I am a master of creative transformation and a dream archeologist.

I am also your creative spirit guide, helping you to stay in touch with your soul, to stay centered, in-spirit and express your fullest creative potential…with ease.