I am Gunhild, 69 years old, mother, grandmother, daughter, lover, friend, intuitive energy field readerlife guide, artist, and teacher.

Trained as an art-, music- and German language teacher, I worked as such in Germany and in Brussels.

During my 30 year experience as a psychotherapist, I discovered that I am very intuitive and can read people’s energy fields. Today I combine my ability to read people, my training in Gestalt Therapy, Art Therapy, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, my life experience, and my academic studies, in assisting and supporting everyone who comes to find their purpose in life, change their path or get to their personal optimal energy level, so that they can enjoy life in the way they chose.

Besides individual guidance, I give workshops and presentations on creativity, spirituality and dreams.

I thank my teachers and friends Joy Messick, USA (+ 2014):

Since I met Joy I learned and understood that there is more to life than what we see on the surface and what we believe there to be. The idea of “belief system” and “paradigm” supported me to understand that we are all the same, that we are all one. We tell ourselves different stories, live in belief systems, in paradigms, but stories are just stories, system are just systems.  Joy became my teacher and my friend. Her biggest impact on me was her teaching on consciousness and the Unified Field. She convinced me that I am a pioneer.  

Julie Wise, UK, “www.juliewise.co.uk”:

Julie reminds me that we are LIGHT BEINGS. She taught me Tai Chi Qi Gong, guided me on drum journeys and deepened my understanding of Consciousness. Recently she supports me to deepen my understanding of intuitive readings with dreams, energy fields and a deep connection to spirit.

And Dr. Jacques Berliner, psychoanalyst in Brussels: Dr Berliner supported me over many years and helped me keep my feet on the ground.