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This book is a tool to learn the creative language of your soul. The 21 Soul Questions, will take you on a deep creative journey and smoothly guide you to your CENTER. They will urge you to express creatively and find the answers for yourself. Answering each of the 21 questions will reveal who you truly are at this moment in life. You will better understand what your deepest desires are and what directions to take. Click here to learn more. 

I am truly honored to be a co-author in this book! This book includes 365 true stories of people all over the world expressing kindness. It will lift your spirits, restore your faith in humanity, and remind you that goodness truly does abound. These stories were written to encourage you to turn on your “goodness radar” – to inspire you to reflect on the kindness you’ve experienced in your own life, to be on the lookout for more, and to have faith that goodness truly is alive in our world!


Books & Publications in German



Co-Author with Dr. Thorsten Sueße

MOHLAND Jahrbuch 2009 Lyrik

Co-Author with Dr. Thorsten Sueße

Weihnachtsgeschichten für Erwachsene Bd. 3

Co-Author with Manuel Hilmer

Weihnachtsgeschichten für Erwachsene Bd. 2

Co-Author with Manuel Hilmer

Glück ist… Gedichte – Verse – Aphorismen

Co-Author with Robert Peters