Five simple words – “If it were my dream” … create the foundation of the Ullman process of Dream Appreciation, one of the most profound instruments I have found to unlock the messages in dreams – and more.”

~ Sandy Sela-Smith, Ph.D


Online DREAM GROUP, after Montague Ullman
(Meet once per month)


How does a DREAM GROUP work?
We are meeting online, small group of max 8 people, once per month. One or two of us, depending on time, brings a dream. Today it is Anne. She tells us her dream; we take note, and ask for details in order to fully understand the dream.

After clarification, Anna keeps quiet, and our work begins. She takes notes, if she wishes. At that moment we make her dream our dream. I am now the dreamer of Anne’s dream. When I talk, I use “I”. With making it our dream, we tap into the collective realm. If she can dream this dream, we all can. Even though it is her dream, there are always aspects in the dream that belong to all of us.

We begin: John says: “If it were my dream, I would be scared to death of the monster suddenly appearing.” John starts to shake. The next person continues: “If it were my dream, I call my friend for help. I know she would come immediately.” And so on.

We take turns as long as we have something to contribute. At the very end, Anne steps into the group again and shares with us what spoke to her, what moved her, what she had never thought of and she also share with us, what does not belong to her at all.

She separates aspects of her own story from things that don’t feel right. She can feel belonging or not in her body. There is always a subtle reaction when something rings true. We end the meeting by sharing how we feel and what we can take from the session into our life.

Why joining the online DREAM GROUP?
Dreams speak a visual language, they are multilayered, holographic, and their meaning is seldom unilateral. They carry messages from the dreamer’s sub-conscious as well as their conscious mind and often from a transpersonal dimension (collective sub- conscious). They shed light on the current place in the dreamer’s journey through life, or attempt to integrate traumatic or conflicted life situations. They open the field so that we can contact with ancestors and to telepathy.

All schools of psychology, such as Gestalt therapy, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis as well as indigenes cultures, such as “Dreamtime” (Aborigines, Australia), “Dream- Sharing” (Senoi people, Malaysia) and philosophers from all cycles are interested in the meaning and guidance of dreams.

Joining the online DREAM GROUP will offer you

  • more self-awareness
  • deeper understanding of where you want to go in life
  • light on shadow aspects of your personality
  • inspiration for your art, be it painting, writing or dancing
  • to learn how to incubate intentions and get directions
  • a lot of fun playing with fantastic images
  • being at service for others and gaining insights from other’s dreams