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Hosted by: Gunhild Lorenzen, Master of Creative Transformation

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  • May I say please that I absolutely love your chats to all these beautiful souls! You have a great way of interviewing, a lovely kindness and I admire how you listen and pick up on things and ask the right questions. This is all gold and really great work! 
    With a warm embrace, Melanie

  • Hello Gunhild!
    Wanted to thank you so very much for putting all these wonderful speakers together! I enjoyed Lynn Robinson - using your intuition. And many more. Bless you
    for extending my knowledge to what is possible out there. We are powerful beings, and listening to to these inspirational speakers, anything is possible to create in your gifted life.
    Angela Kyriacou  

  • Hi Gunhild,
    I am very much enjoying the summit talks.
    Thanks for the great work. Love, Jane

  • Hi Gunhild, 
    I've just listened to your interview with Whitney Freya. It was fantastic! I have so many ideas and inspiration from it. I'm looking forward to all the other interviews! Thank you for organising this summit. Warmly, Deborah

Speakers Have Been Featured On:

Our Fabulous Creativity Ambassadors:


Amanda Collins

An Inspirational Speaker, Self-Love Guide and Feng Shui Master.


Whitney Freya

An artist and Creative Visionary who is all about … Freedom, Joy, Connection, and Excitement!


Jill Badonsky

A creativity coaching pioneer, inspirational humorist, artist, and founder of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching


Itzhak Beery

A leading shamanic teacher, healer, speaker, community activist and author of three Amazon bestsellers books


Suzanne Anderson

A psychologist, executive coach, speaker and co-author of the triple award winning book The Way of the Mysterial Woman


Lynn Robinson

An author, speaker and intuitive advisor who helps people make changes and achieve their goals

indigo ronlov

Indigo Ronlov

An artist, an eco-psychologist, a Egyptian shamanic and alchemical healer, and a minister of walking prayer


Hillary Harris

New Reality Architect, Vibrational & Consciousness Catalyst & Ascension Guide.


Barbara Kobe

Barbara is creative genius and an international one-of-a-kind art and healing doll artist, mentor, teacher, and author.

susan gregg

Dr. Susan Gregg

Author of 12 books, facilitator, Energy healer, Toltec Master, Nagual Woman, Karuna Reiki Master


Some of the key topics covered during the event:

+ Understanding where creative fear comes from and how to go beyond

+ The doll making process of inner healing transformation

+ Connecting with your inner dragon creative essence

+ How and why to avoid the “perfectionist trap”  

+ How to quiet your mind when it goes 100 miles per second

+ How to access your intuition and stay on the intuitive track

+ How Darkness Can Inspire New Beginnings

+ Shamanic perspective on the creative process and creative flow

And many many more….Would YOU join us?


Tina Games

An author, a certified creativity coach, a certified journal writing facilitator, a possibility artist, and a life purpose alchemist


Nadine Larder

An intuitive painter, author, and work-shop facilitator, and mother of 5 children


Cera Byer

An artist, choreographer, dancer, teacher, writer, and coach


Jennifer Blanchard

3x Amazon best selling author, speaker, workshop facilitator, a strategy and success mindset coach for emerging authors

leanne venier

Leanne Venier

An award-winning Artist, Engineer & Expert in the Science of Light Therapy, Color, Flow & Eastern Medicine


Imelda Almqvist

International teacher of sacred art shamanism, an author, painter and shamanic practitioner


Jocelyn Friis

Visual artist and creativity coach


Dr. Paula Joyce

A bestselling author, Life Coach  and a host of a TOP ranked radio show – “Uplift Your Life”


Evelyn C. Rysdyk

A renown shamanic author, teacher, speaker and healer


Edward Vilga

Edward creates breakthrough experiences in Books, Body, Soul, and Bank Accounts.


Some of the additional BONUSES you will get from the speakers:

+ Coloring Book Printout to boost Creativity, Joy & Sanity

+ Guided video practice to Transform Your 5 Core Limiting Believes

+ “Inner Selfies” workbook to explore your inner self with art

+ A superb e-book:  “Six Ways to Supercharge Your Intuition

+ Healing Colors Screen Savers

+ A Nature Inspired Guided Creativity Lessons

+ Consciousness altering Shamanic Journey Drumming recordings

And 22 more GIFTS….Would YOU join us?


Zen Benefiel

Arizona’s Premier Transformational Life Coach


Catherine Wood

Certified ontological coach who helps you discover the essence of who you truly are


Monica Kang

Founder of InnovatorsBox®, creative educator and an an active leader in entrepreneurship


David Parrish

Creative industries speaker, trainer, consultant and author. Inspires, entertains and empowers creative entrepreneurs world-wide.


Kiala Givehand

A creativity & empowerment coach, poet/writer/editor, mixed media book artist, and workshop leader.


Carol Lorraine

Creativity Expert, Speaker, International Artist/Designer of Silk Artwear for Creatives , Joyful Spirit Art Life Coach for women with flair. 

Stephanie Lisa Kelly

Stephanie Kelly

Existential coach and mindfulness trainer

marie diamond

Marie Diamond

International Best Selling Author, Feng Shui Master, Transformation Teacher in the global phenomenon, The Secret.

Angela Barnard

Angela Barnard

Your Inspiration Coach, Author, Speaker

Summit Aired Sep 16 – Oct 1
Free access closed Oct 4

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