WORKSHOP – September 2019

Walk your path with compassion, clarity, and courage

Knowing who we really are, gives us the power to live the life we want and decide to live.

During our life’s journey, we often need to derail from what is right for us and/or adjust to circumstances in order to survive trauma and upheaval or to keep the peace and stay stable.

In consequence, we lose sight of our needs and our inner truth.

To gain awareness of our current inner state of being we have to be still and listen to our body, heart, and soul with compassion, courage, and love.

In this workshop, you will

  • attentively listen to your intuition, body, heart, and soul
  • connect with the core of your being,
  • understand what blocks you from living with joy,
  • create your next step in life with inner images, words, and material,
  • share your findings with others – if you wish


  • we will sit in silence and listen to our inner wisdom
  • identify blockages and release them
  • allow feelings and emotions to surface
  • create our wishes and wants for the future with words and material
  • practice the ancient art of chi kung

The workshop is non residential. We will begin on Friday morning and say good-bye on Sunday afternoon. Fee: 350€

If you are interested in joining, please contact me directly, or use the contact form.