Crisis as Chance

Ocean Hope

So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing. T. S. Eliot

Light is always there, even when we can’t see it. Sometimes we need somebody to show us the way. 

Since my early childhood I am familiar with death, loss, grief and the other realm. There is no fear in me, only trust and love.

Depression, grief, illness and loss are moments when life stands still. The world seems to end, and yet, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I hold the space when you go through dark and difficult times, when you grief loss or feel the world ends. I hold your hand when you walk through the tunnel, so that you can see the light again. 

Warmth and an open heart, my groundedness and compassion will support you to get out of the tunnel at the other end. 

My life experience, 25 years of work experience as psychotherapist in Brussels, my studies, spiritual practises and my intuition are my guides assisting me in holding you through life crises. For many years I trained voluntaries at the German Hospice in Brussels so that they could listen to and sit by the side the person crossing over.

The online-session can be recorded and lasts for approximately 60 minutes. You need Skype or Zoom so that we can meet there.


You will come to the country in Europe where I am at that moment and we spend either one day or two days together, looking at your situation, your concern, your question or your wish and want.

I will guide you to be fully aware, finding a new direction if necessary, so that you can continue with your life in a joyful, satisfactory and happy way.

Intensive Days include three follow up sessions on Skype or Zoom.

You need to book your space some time in advance, because I will assist you in finding a pleasant hotel nearby.

Prices will be discussed.